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The dyeworks factory "Clerici" was founded more than 100 years ago, and it has operated in silk dyeing ever since.
Dyeworks factory "Clerici" was founded by Mr. Clerici and Mr. Ottobelli in 1887. In 1901 the management of the factory passed to Alessandro Clerici.
Originally the head office was in Milan. At the end of the 19th century Milan was, with Como, one of the main centres for the silk trade.
Immediately after WWII the factory became so successful that an expansion was in order. Head offices were thus moved to a wider area in Milan. A new technology, called "mineral silk charge" was introduced. This was mainly targeted to the weaving factories producing silk ties. In this phase the Chief Executive Officer is Arturo Clerici.
In the '80s, under the guide of Alessandro and Marco Clerici the factory was transferred out of Milan and into Como, prompted by the expansion of the firm and the fact that most of its clients were in the Como area.
The long history of the "Clerici" factory has never stood in the way of forward-thinking policies implemented by its CEOs. Today we think that our main effort should be headed towards research and development of new technologies and innovative processes. These will guarantee the highest product quality and design originality requested by our Clients in order to compete in an ever-demanding and expanding market.

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